Volume please



Personality , what does it mean to you,

do you see bold fashion statements and uniqueness,  a face that lights up a room?

Lost the meaning of personality?

Well, here is a version of the word I believe you have never heard of before.

 Personality: The subclass of languages that God uses that involves human communication,  expression and experience.

Yes,  you’re right, I just called you, your points of view and actions, a megaphone from heaven.

God in me, loves using emotions, metaphors and words to communicate

What does God in you like to use?

I have a friend, who is in most ways you can think of, the opposite of me.

This has caused friction between us and quite a few misunderstandings.

Yet we remain good friends who listen to and support each other because we know that we both have an intimate relationship with God.

The interesting thing is that God is talking to us both about loving only one God, Jesus Christ,

but our circumstances couldn’t be more different!

This confirms that what I see in nature, applies just as much in humanity.

Birds are so different from fish and a dolphin is so different from an octopus, but they all scream in unison:  Glory to God, to Jesus Christ, the Holy one !

We humans range from “happy-go-lucky” to deep thinker, but still God is calling the lost and

encouraging the weak through each and every one of us, His megaphone of choice.

What then can be said for conformity? A planned Life? Fitting in…

Those words have suddenly become like needles piercing into my skin.

To me it would seem we have become megaphones, who has turned down our own volume, so that we can all carry one giant megaphone together, one lifeless megaphone, and one giant idea of what a Christian is. One successful recipe for happiness.

What we forget is that a megaphone only amplifies the sound it hears,

The breath of sound that is blown into it. The breath of God. God did not breath His life into a system or theology, He breathed it into us, when we repented and God saved us from death, He breathed His breath, His spirit into us. Our lives are the megaphone, not the religious system we work so hard to support.

God is not a religion or a way of living. He is in each of us. Daily, God is breathing His Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Christ out of the grave, into each of us.

Daily we are broadcasting what God told us in secret.

The reason why the idea of a giant megaphone sounds so “nice” is because if all of us were of one mind in Christ, we would sound like one giant megaphone with one message rather than 4 million small megaphones, each with their own melody. And that is truly what God desires from His Body, but this unified sound comes not from 4 million muted megaphones carrying one gigantic megaphone, but from 4 million small megaphones singing the same song, all living by the absolute truth, all in love with the same unchangeable God.

It is when you, my dear little megaphone try to carry the weight of a heavy,

empty megaphone that you break. You were made to preach the gospel

on every corner of your unique life, not to carry the idea of “God” on your shoulders.

So, turn up the volume, listen for His soft breath, and shout it out through every action.

Hear Him in your troubles, joys, failures and successes. Leave the dead weight, the “holy cow” that is religion behind you and climb on top of the lamp stand that is your life.

You will hear them who follow Christ resonate with you.

Harmony will erupt out of chaos and the message,

The Good News will fill all the corners of the dark house that is this world.


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