How to do more than just get through the day

Change your attitude

When somebody slaps you and you get angry, it is not the person who made you angry, they only slapped you; you decided to give in to the emotion of anger. At first it is very hard to intercept our emotions and dictate them instead of them dictating us but as time goes on our will, will once again become our own to offer up to God instead of remaining the stepchild of our conscious mind, part of the family, but not taken responsibility for.

Keep your attitude changed

The mind does not work like a switch. It is more like a joystick. You have to continue applying a force in a certain direction to get the desired output. As mentioned before, only after a long time of pushing in a certain direction will the emotions and mind start leaning in that direction by itself. Initiation is not the achievement as any long distance runner will tell you, but perseverance is.

Make negative thoughts the enemy

A big barrier to giving up negative feelings and thoughts is the fact that they have become our friends, our comfort zone. This may sound ridiculous at first, but think about it. Negativity is in essence, to expect the worst. This tendency is created to cope with disappointment and fear. Therefore it is only natural that later it will become a safe haven for you in your mind. It is important to realise that it might be safe, about as safe as a jail cell. To stay locked up in negativity might avoid disappointment but your cellmate will always be fear. Entertaining negative thoughts comes down to speculating about everything that might go wrong and expecting them. This process not only invites fear, but feeds of it. It is vitally important to realise that fear kills! Negativity makes you tired, drags you down, limits your potential- kills you! It is using a tiger for a cushion because he is soft.

Scrutinize every thought

Few of us struggle with thoughts of ending our lives, but that doesn’t mean that we are not negatively inclined. It is imperative that for the first time period all thoughts are checked before we allow them to dwell in our minds. The best check for thoughts are to evaluate what emotions they inspire, hope or despair, excitement or dread?



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