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It rained.

A lot

We have all been praying for rain and now our gardens were joyously watered…and MUDDY.

I visit my friend with her angelic blonde-haired boy and he excitedly gives me a tour outside the house of everything that I have seen countless times before.  With him though, it is always interesting and seeing it through his eyes, there is always something new to enjoy.

Ripe raspberries on the tree.

The pet-pig and pet-bunny’s cage.

The trampoline which I have jumped on countless times (Note: I am VERY unfit)

His mother and I have coffee like grown-ups tend to do.  Orderly, clean and planned.

Little Man is up and about though: still showing off his new toys and running around excitedly.

In due time, Little Man is quite covered in mud: Hands, feet, a smudge on his face.  Typically…Boy.

Then its time for me to leave though I…

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