Rock bottom is beautiful

God has been talking to me through visions during my times of meditation. One specific example of how God is walking with me was when one night when I was severely depressed, I saw myself drowning. As I went deeper and deeper into the water, the light from above faded, I was in despair! Then He told me to look down…

I did as He told me to and I saw all these huge boulders below me, each with a bright light shining bright in them, different colors making a beautiful picture and then God whispered to me: “I knew you would be here tonight, I made it beautiful here and waited for you”.

I knew, from that day on, that God is in my darkest moments, and I started fearing them less. He wasn’t freaked out by them or rejected me during my state, He responded in quite the opposite manner! I knew I was safe in His hands, for the rest of my life, come what may.


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