Mixed bag

Dear readers, this is an honest open blog post to all of you who support me. I am in caught in a dilemma. I am, as you know, bipolar and also a Christian. At the moment, I am finding it difficult to define my writing style and what I want to write. On the one hand there is the ‘be totally honest’ camp, now I’m not too comfortable with that because sometimes I’m working through something like perfectionism and I don’t have the answers yet and then I don’t want to blog about it and leave you guys hanging, in despair. But if I am honest then you will see the true me and the true journey I am on, You will also see that life with bipolar can be tough sometimes and doesn’t always gleam with hope and joy. On the other hand, There is the keep it ‘encouraging’ camp which is a good thing because then each post will be helpful and bring solace to the soul of the reader, but that may mean that I don’t write for long periods because I’m waiting for a good blog to evolve that has a happy ending.

Another thing, as I have mentioned before, I am both a Christian and bipolar that means that some of my blogs will only be about stuff that concerns the Christian walk and sometimes just about bipolar. Will, you, my audience respect this multifaceted blog and keep reading even if it isn’t all that relevant to you at that moment?

I appreciate you all so much, and I know you will help me find direction.



18 thoughts on “Mixed bag

  1. Helene-Marie says:

    Every blog is a mixed bag as every person is a mixed bag. I think most readers understand and appreciate that. Encouraging vs. ‘real’… hmmm… can’t say. ‘Real’ will probably give many readers the feeling that they are not alone. But, hey, what do I know?

  2. dbkerr says:

    Charlotte – write from your heart. As far as bipolar goes…there are people with a multitude of hard medical and psychiatric conditions who may be inspired to keep working through their pain. I am Bipolar and Christian. It is who I am along with my being overweight, color my hair, nearly died a couple of times, have lived alone for 20 years, and live below the poverty line. It is who I am.

    My God watches over me and has given me a purpose for being in this life, as he has you. There are Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddists, Athiests and Agnostics who write. They have their God too. Although I personally question if it is all one God. Be true to yourself. Someone is needing your inspiration.

    One more thing – if you can not blog for a while, don’t sweat it. There are many bloggers who can temporarily fill the void until you are ready to pick up the pen. Look at the many authors who only have one great book in them. You write what you can when in your truth…the good, the bad and the ugly. But you have a unique, precious voice so when you can, share it.

  3. lilypup says:

    I am bipolar and a Christian also. I write about both, but not exclusively. For example, this week I mentioned the fact that we got an aluminum shed! My readers seem to be patient and read it all. Good luck to you:)

  4. lolabipola says:

    I’m happy to read whatever you write. Some days I just share a screenshot of my weather app because it makes me laugh…

    I also find it encouraging to read about your relationship with God. I don’t write about mine because, although I am a believer, I swear like a trooper and I don’t want to give other Christians a bad name.

  5. Jess Melancholia says:

    I’m not a Christian anymore and I absolutely love everything you write!! Well duh. I think you’re amazing. Just write what you want. I find that raw and honest blogging is the best. For those of us with bipolar, we can use it as a therapeutic outlet. I encourage you to do that if not all the time at least sometimes. You’ll find it helps immensely!

  6. SuperMommyofTwins says:

    I struggle with the same dilemma . I’m all over the place. But that’s who we are. We are Christians who have Bipolar disorder. I don’t feel like we have to cater to any one audience. Just be yourself and God will bring you the readers He wants to see your testimonies; and we all have to go through tests to get those testimonies!!! Keep looking up!

  7. Pieces of Bipolar says:

    Be honest. Honesty inspires too. Seeing you bare and ugly with fear or mania or depression IS encouraging because its relatable. I’m a sloppy mess mostly, so from my perspective I don’t want to read about someone put together and encouraging ALL THE TIME. It will discourage me, make me feel I’m not ‘trying’ hard enough, make me feel a failure. I will respect you because of your flaws. That is the community we are. Your faith is yours. Include it in your blog because its a massive part of who you are. Anyone uncomfortable with it then has the choice to read or not to read. You’re incredible intelligent and talented. Listen to your instincts or your higher power and go with that. You will be loved and appreciated regardless xx

  8. journeyupward says:

    Hi Charlotte, I am a bipolar Christian as well. Writing about your journey with bipolar with all it’s ups and downs can be encouraging to others with bipolar or depression. They don’t feel so alone, can feel there is hope when reading your victories. Learning about what helps you can give others tools to use in their “toolbox”. Your writing about God is not only inspiring but is also brings a sense of hope. In conclusion, just be yourself. Your honesty in whatever you choose to write is respected and your followers love you for it.

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