Risky business

See, I’ve been through this whole grand song and dance before. The buyer checks the place out on the web, does a quick sum… The real estate agent gets a call, wonders if this one will be the one who bites… The owner cleans up as much as she can while reminiscing, 30 years in one house is a long memory movie to watch…

Buyer looks with wide open eyes at the house, excited by the prospect. Buyer’s eyes grow soft as he heads upstairs to look at the second bathroom…

Agent waits for call-back from buyer while thinking of what she will make with her cut of the money… Owner drinks tea and wonders whether the old-age home is really the right place for her…

Parents agree to take a look at the house while making sums in their heads… Buyer shows off the house to parents who open and close all that can open and close… Agent looks pleased as she follows the judges through the hallways…

Buyer, wife in tow, sit with parents, calculators out, they talk, drink coffee, agree. Parents give their last comments as they hug goodbye… Wife notices the weather and wonders what the house is like in winter.

Agent thinks about what car she will buy next since they don’t make her car anymore when she gets a call from buyer… Buyer, shy about his low offer, ends the call quickly after saying that is the best he can do… Agent sighs as she hangs up… Wife looks on from the side… Owner still waits to hear….

I have been through this all before except the previous time I was the buyer and not the wife. Shortly after buying our almost dream house I quit/lost my job and we had to sell. I was now the owner. (I think I should become an estate agent just to close the loop) We had to sell the previous house at a loss. We couldn’t carry the down payment anymore. I’m still scratching my sores as the bank deducts money from my account every month. We will be going to any other bank this time.

Buying property is a risky business, Since the incident with our first property I haven’t been able to even tolerate the words “on show”. Whenever I see an estate agent putting up one of their little boards, I wince.

Then husband (buyer) tells me out of the blue we are going to look at a place at 5 pm. Shocked, first by his guts for bringing up house shopping and then by my calm response, I say a full two lettered “ok”. The day goes by, I forget about our appointment as I work at the lab. When we get to the house, I peek at it, scared it might bite, or lick me like some overzealous puppy. I look at the white walls, the aircons (oh the aircons!) and the risky business pulls me in.

I don’t know if it is the bipolar speaking, but I love schedules, lists,  routine, anything that gives me a bit of control. I hate change (except if it is growth in the inner man), change triggered my first hypo episode (i’m oversimplifying but just roll with it). When I think about all the stress we suffered in round one, when I think of all the money involved, I  throw up a little in my mouth.

Buyer and I talk. He began as the enemy, the one who broke our highly vocalised (both in tone and repetition)  agreement not to talk property for a looong time, now he is husband and needs to listen to me.

I’ve thought about this, not obsessively though for a change. I’ve taken out my own calculator, I’ve discussed it with a confidant, I’ve prayed for insight and got some, and I think…

It’s a good idea to buy the place, if they accept our humble offer.

Wife writes a blog with a smug smile on her face…



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