Just an infection, they say

Ugh, so the past 5 days have been less fun than usuall. It started with muscle pain in my hips. Being overweight , I ascribed it to being overweight, so I wouldn’t go see a doctor. Two days on, now my brain feels loose in my skull, my eyes hurt, back of my head is sore, glands are swollen… No its nothing, no doctor for me and since hubby isn’t in town, nobody can make me go except..

my pain pill stash ran out… My hips grabbed a hold of me and all my core beliefs and shook them with thundering jolts of pain down my legs. Okay let’s go to the doctor. ah! I can only see him in 3 days’ time. I will have killed a few things by then! Okay so off I go to the ER (where my fave doctor works some nights) Score! He is on duty tonight, I see it as a sign, or is that big red glowing ER thing really a sign??? I have to wait 20 minutes before I get to see him. By now I can’t sit, stand, walk or lie down. That last pain pill has really left town, on a plane probably watching the “watch charlotte cry” movie. Yes I cried, In that 20 minutes of waiting for the dr. I cried like the little whimp that I am.

I read somewhere something along the lines of bipolars don’t do well with the flu. Who does though? My physical-pain infused few days made me wonder about this. It’s a common joke between my husband and I that I’m the one who gets man-flu, not him. I will say it, I think my emotional frailty does make being sick harder for me because it affects my mood, I question the reason we live, ponder the great mysteries of why I take all these meds and ofcourse the deeper meaning of liff (Not a spelling mistake, google it).

Will you be brave enough to admit that you don’t handle physical pain as well as the next person or do you take a beating without flinching, either way tell me, I’m curious to know what y’all think.


4 thoughts on “Just an infection, they say

  1. idioglossiablog says:

    LOL I have the reputation for being the world’s worst patient! I am a first class pain in the backside. I become a total hermit, and to make things worse if anyone asks what they can do I usually tell them if you aren’t willing to put me out of my misery then please just go away. 😉 I hope your feeling better. G-uno

  2. journeyupward says:

    I am used to living with aches and pains due to fibromyalgia. However, severe or excruciating pain does send me to the doctor. Her reaction is sometimes “why did you wait so long to come in?” I try to avoid going as long as possible hoping it will go away on its own. Terrible, I know. I’d be upset if any of my kids (all grown) did that. Hope you feel better soon.

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