Today was a good day

I’ve been feeling much better the past two weeks, a lot less afraid of life. I was physically sick for most of those two weeks, but it forced me to take a break and let the change upward sink in. This morning I woke up, not really in the mood to go to the lab, I could pull out my still valid sick note and camp the day in bed. The reason I wasn’t amped to go to the lab was because I have no excuse to stop me from doing an experiment I’ve been putting off for 6 months due to its complexity. This morning I decided I will do it today. Even if it fails I would have broken the ice and next time won’t be so scary. So off I went to the lab after a healthy breakfast and when I wanted to start, we were summoned and told to spring clean the labs. That took 4 hours so I only got to my experiment after lunch. I did only half of the experiment. Will finish tomorrow. I still feel as if I achieved something. If it is only that I dragged myself or of bed and went to campus it is enough of a victory for me. So yes thank you God for carrying me through today, giving me strength, being my courage.


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