Because He lives

Because He lives

I can face tomorrow

Because He lives

All fear is gone

Because I know

He holds the future

And life is worth the living

Just because He lives

I sing this song today, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from death. I celebrate that ALL sin was pinned to the cross with Him, He carried all the iniquity in this world as He hung on the cross. The enemy thought it would kill Him, but He is mightier than death! He went down into the depths and came back to life with the keys of death in His hand.

Because He conquered death, I know I can conquer the death that lurks in my everyday. I can face depression and not be overwhelmed for the simple reason that I know, one day, When Jesus comes back, He will restore everything and He will wipe away every tear.

Because He lives, I can live. I can give it a go, I can try every day.

He is my reason for not leaving this world.


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