I am at rest. I have been feeling much better and its been a good few weeks except for the akathisia. It was driving me mad, I couldn’t sit still, couldn’t just relax and watch TV or do some colouring, never mind work on my thesis! After a few nights of not being able to shake the wriggly feeling inside, it started making me agitated and it was affecting my peace and happy mood.


I tried to get in contact with my psychiatrist but I couldn’t reach her so I ended up speaking to my house docter, who prescribed a beta-blocker. This is the recognised first line of treatment for akathisia so I felt comfortable with her prescribing it. It made all the difference in the world! For the first time in years I can sit atill long enough to watch a few episodes of a series after each other, I even had the patience (but not the skill) to make a sock horse! The beta-blocker is affecting my sleep in a negative way so I am slowly getting more and more tired. But I don’t care, having quiet time, being able to just sit and think is so worth it. I have even been able to meditate (kinda maybe fell asleep while meditating but still…)

So what am I saying? Not much, just that I’m doing well, on a level I’ve never been able to reach. Yay me!



8 thoughts on “Update

  1. Pieces of Bipolar says:

    So glad you’re feeling a lot better. Interesting about the beta-blocker for akathisia. I seemed to have developed that since February. Soooooo difficult to sit and stay at my computer at work. So thank you for sharing, I’m going to look into that 🙂

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