In honor of greatness :)

Sho, this has been a weird month. Waiting for stuff to come from the USA before I can continue with experiments for my M. Eng. So I’ve been writing and formatting my thesis so long. I think that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while, brain is done writing after thesis everyday. I also haven’t been feeling very creative or inspired. I see good things, I see God, but I cannot articulate it. I attended the WISA conference (all about water research) so that kept me away from my laptop for a week as well. I didn’t even facebook much.

I’ve been visiting my parents who live in Natal, I can tell you more about that. 🙂 It is always good to see them and although they move quite often (my dad is a civil engineer who works on contract basis so they follow the job) wherever they are feels like home. My mom and I are very close, but when she isn’t physically close it is difficult to share my life with her as I would over a coffee. So I’ve been using the time to just talk and talk to her. We got some shopping done as well. She says it’s always good to go shopping with me because I have an eye for what will look fabulous on her and I’m honest enough to say no when something doesn’t flatter her. LOL! I must admit some of her best items has my name on it ;). Her spectacles are one of my old pairs, which when I got it originally, was a bit strange for her. She looks so cool with them. My mum doesn’t dress her age, no she dresses better. You can always take her out. I aspire to that. She wears make-up every day and I want to do that as well but I get so lazy after a week. Maybe I should put up a picture of myself with make-up on next to my mirror to remind myself how much better I look (and then feel) when I go to a bit of trouble and paint my face. Please don’t read more into this than what it is, no comments on whether make-up should be worn or is neccesary etc. please. It’s a personal thing, that’s all. But enough about that, I think I should let you all know more about the best gift God has so graciously given me: my mom, Estelle Hugo Bresler. She is a motivational speaker and pastor, so she’s had an impact on many people’s lives, but the impact she’s had on mine is immeasurable. She thinks I’m just the best thing to hit this blue planet. She brings the best out of me and teaches me the ways of life, especially in how to go about with other people. She is so wise, I think the commercial term is emotional intelligence, well call it what you want, she’s got heaps of it. Another thing she’s got in abundance is a love for people. Her favourite line an her favourite hymn is “God loves people more than anything” and her life truely reflects that. The way she acts in weird situations is always different than how I or any standard human would. I believe it is because she is lead by the Holy Spirit in all she does. This is her “cheat” in the game of life, I’m so jealous! Well the good news is that we can all access this cheat, I’ve seen it at work and oh my word, it baffles me every time. I admire her so much. She is really in love with God, it is beautiful to observe and pick the fruits of it.


In terms of seeing my dad again, that has also been great! He is so inspiring. Yes I can mention his excellent work ethic and relentless pursuit after God. The way he treats his wife and his daughter, and how he prays, I don’t know how he does it, but since I can remember I would regularly be woken up by the sound of my dad praying for hours at a time. (He says praying out loud helps him stay focused on God, I find that it is true for me too.) Hearing him pray, brought a sense of security to me that cannot be trumped because it is based on the knowledge that the man responsible for me relies on the Man responsible for all of creation, the sovereign almighty good God. Another thing that makes my dad the best dad ever, is how he encourages me to be me (even when that includes wierd hairstyles like my mohawk when I was 17) and how he believes in me (Even when I had given up on myself). I have a cheerleader in him like you’ve never seen before, If he could quit his day job and be my full-time cheerleader, pom-poms and all, he would. His willingness to help me in any way he can boosts me and gives me the courage to continue with this life. Oh and he is so handsome, just look for yourself:

2013-10-28 11.55.20

Okay so this turned into a blog praising my parents hahaha, but in truth, they deserve it. I love them so much and although our relationship was weird and had its share of drama when I was a kid, they’ve really come to the party when it comes to my diagnosis. They pray me through the difficult times and always believe that I am strong enough to get through any challenge. They’ve educated themselves and strived to understand what I go through. They talk about me like I’m some sort of hero. I think I don’t even know half of what they’ve done for me. Maybe that is a good thing because otherwise I’d forcefully demand the ressurection of some sort of statue of the two of them in church square :).

To everyone else who has been holding a torch for me, thank you for believing in me and my relationship with God. I trust in the years to come we will, despite of the crazy times, celebrate many more good things.

My final words for today: my parents are such commendable people because of Christ in them. They love our Father with all their hearts. They’ve been through a lot, with my brothers, with me, with their work in the kingdom (they stood in ministry for 28 years). I pray that when I am as old as they are now, that I will be so achieved, not in earthly things, but in the spiritual world, where our treasure lies.

Love you mommy and daddy



3 thoughts on “In honor of greatness :)

  1. Ronelle Grobler says:

    Hi Charlotte. I would love to get in touch with your mom, Estelle….in connection with a conference to be held at our church. Can you PLEASE help me with a contact number?
    Thank you
    Ronelle Grobler

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