River’s end through the eyes of a sheep

In my previous blog: Waves through the eyes of a sheep, I tell you about my experience in an airport lounge. I felt like someone had given my sheep (thoughts) a field to wander through and explore, with the shepherd watching over me. I mentioned that I saw a river running into the ocean. To be honest I was overwhelmed, I felt overwhelmed for the river’s sake. Funny I know.

But just see this, this river, with all its character and fishies and momentum just flows into the ocean and poof! disappears. The ocean doesn’t even feel it rolling in, it just goes on being the ocean…


It feels like me with a few of my friends… I give my all, share my life, my walk with God, my testimony… and it disappears into the big ocean that is their busy minds. It seems it makes no difference to them.

It reminded me of a song by jars of clay: Mirrors and smoke. The last stanza says it so beautifully:

Rivers never fill the oceans
But oceans always feel
The waters reaching deep inside them
I guess they always will

oceans always feel

What I say, do, show of myself and give of my heart is never wasted. It may seem that it just disappears into their big world, but it is a seed planted. Someone else will come water it, another help it to grow. Even if nothing happens with what I’ve invested, they will have hopefully felt the love with which it was given. Maybe that alone is enough.

The one river I saw, was one of many. My river wasn’t alone responsible to fill the ocean 🙂 The job of loving someone is almost never designated to just one other person. Rivers are seasonal, sometimes they fly into the ocean with might and anger! Other seasons they ebb in. So it is with our relationships, our role isn’t always the same or as important.

The river dies as it sacrifices itself to the ocean. It is a beautiful mirror of how Christ died for us that we might be filled with the living waters. This little sheep walks away from the river knowing it is a happy river. Happy to meet it’s destination, it was made to flow into the ocean. Isn’t that true of the Christian walk, isn’t the true end of our toil to bring others to Him by bringing Him to others, fishies and all?



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