“God just wants us to pay attention”

Just came from the psychologist, always fun… So my experiments are still not working, even with the new cuvettes.


I do not know what to try next. I’m so at the end of my rope, I don’t feel it in my hands anymore. Time is running out. I have to be done with experiments in a months time. They take 4 days each and I have 6 to do. But with no working method, who knows when I can start with those 6 experiments. This blog is starting to sound more like a journal entry. hmmm, dunno what I think about that.

don't know.gif

Let me rather think about what I do know… I know I’m not alone in this. I’m with God. I might feel that He’s keeping the answers to my questions to Himself, I KNOW that isn’t true. Let’s be honest here, I expected Him to solve my problem with my analysis method a while ago already, but He hasn’t given me the insight to see what is going wrong YET. I believe in His faithfulness, I know He will supply the help I need. And I know that it will be at the right time. I don’t necessarily know this all from my own experiences but more from what I read in the Bible and what I’ve seen in other’s lives.

I am so convinced of the fact that it His will for me to be doing my ┬ámaster’s degree and the natural next belief would be that He would help me get through it. He does not lead us into a situation He does not intend to lead us through. He isn’t human that He would not know what the outcome of something is and still put us through it, hoping for the best. He knows, He moves outside of time.

time god

A question you might ask is how do I know that my pursuit of a M. Eng. is what God has purposed for me? Did I receive a word from God via somebody or did an angel tell me directly or He answer to my request of a sign? No He did none of those things. No confirmation, just peace about my decision to do it. That is enough of a sign for me. The reasoning behind this is simple enough. If you are living with your husband and it is a Saturday so you’re in each other’s company the whole day and you say something that offends him, you would (hopefully) pick up that he is not impressed. Same with God, by just being in His presence I knew that talking about my choice to pursuit an M. Eng. was pleasing to Him because if it wasn’t, I’d know!

Before I met my husband, I dated 2 guys who were (apparently, I doubt it) told by God that I’m their wife. God also changed His mind and told them otherwise soon after.

sign from God

That doesn’t sound like my God. So I’m not big on signs and “God says!” prophecies. They have caused more damage than good in my life. I think God knows that and therefore chooses to speak to me directly through His indwelling Holy Spirit. I’m not bashing prophecy or any of that stuff, I’m just saying one should be careful with the words: “thus says the Lord”, rather say I feel led by God to tell you… That way you’re leaving it open to testing by not claiming it is directly from God, like a thunderbolt, but a message through you, a broken vessel that can make mistakes.

Some food for thought:

sign from God 2



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