Not in vain

Just finished reading 1 Corinthians, it contains a lot of guidance for the church, with the infamous part about women and their hair, marriage and Paul not taking money from the churches (although he says others that work the Gospel among them should).


But also the verse about looking into a mirror dimly at the moment, what love is like and praying in tongues. The verse I like a lot says; “So I don’t run aimlessly; I do not box as one beating the air” (1 Co 9v26).


That is what I pursue, that in all my endeavors, spiritual and not so spiritual, that I won’t do anything for no reason but that I will live a life full of purpose and focus. It’s difficult sometimes because God doesn’t always show you why you must do what He puts in front of you, but then your trust must be focused on Him. You will automatically satisfied in what you do.

Purpose is not found in pursuits but in a man, Jesus. Relationship, regular conversation with Him, will strengthen your soul to become more sensitive to His direction in your life and you will have the satisfying feeling of knowing that as long as I tread in the footsteps of this Man, all my labor is not in vain (1 Co 15v58).

Jesus footsteps.jpg


6 thoughts on “Not in vain

  1. Jamie Carter says:

    I once blogged the entire book of 1 corinthians, going through commentaries as I went. I learned that the boxing analogy was drawn off of the Corinthian games – a local version of the olympics. So, i assume that the infamous section about womens’ hair was also drawn off of something cultural so that they would have understood it, but far less famous and has since been lost to time.

  2. errollmulder says:

    Love it, Charlotte. “Purpose is not found in pursuits but in a man, Jesus.” That’s the essence of it! So many believers out there fiddling with all kinds of self-centred pursuits, and its even encouraged from some pulpits. The way to disillusionment, I am sure.

  3. hurtnomoreblog says:

    This is beautiful. I really like that verse too, I had never heard it before. And thank you for following my blog 😊

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