My desire

Hello! Ola! Missed blogging, I’ve been focusing on finishing my master’s degree. It really stifles my creativity when I’m doing experiments the whole time and building mathematical models to fit the data to certain models really tires me.


So sorry blog that you had to get the brunt of it. But I’m here now! With a very short entry but it is all I can muster up right now, so enjoy:

” God, I love You, imperfectly and half-heartedly, but I do nonetheless. I want to love You more. I want to love You with all of my being, all of my thoughts, actions and emotions. I know my spirit loves you perfectly, I know that I should let more of what of is in my spirit flow into my soul and also my body.

My Jesus, help me to live more in the fullness of the Spirit. Grant me the favour to walk in Your presence every minute of every day. I want to be a pleasing fragrant offer to You. To sit at the end of each day and feel fulfilled and satisfied with You.  I love You my sweet God.”

heart pumping.gif




8 thoughts on “My desire

  1. journeyupward says:

    Nice to see you back. Thirsting for Him is a good thing. In all your busyness make sure you stay watered. I got so caught up in fighting my bipolar and getting educated about it that I neglected His word and prayer and ended up going through a terrible and long dry spell. Glad you’re back and still seeking Jesus.

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