We’re moving to Cape Town

Yay! We are leaving Jacaranda City, Pretoria


for the Mother City, Cape Town.


The main reason for the move is so that I can do my PhD. at the University of Cape Town’s Chemical Engineering department.(shown below) Yes I handed in my Master’s, awaiting results (plz pray for the examiners). I got a very cool project, still concerned with the treatment of water, which is my field of choice. I saw the labs at UCT, they are the stuff dreams are made of!

UCT chem eng.jpg

So we found a flat to rent in Rondebosch, which is the same area as where the university is. The flat is something out of the 1930’s. It was actually built in the 1930’s! It is so beautiful, it has a cloak room, so many closets (yay for all my shoes) and a shared garden. I really can’t describe the astounding architecture of this building. Husband fell in love and signed the lease on the spot.


We also sold my massive Honda Civic (I called it the ship) and bought me a Honda Jazz, it is smaller and higher so it will make parking in Cape Town easier for me. We will be installing “park assist” beepers in the bumpers, just to be extra safe. You know it is all parallel parking in Cape Town…


I went to see my psychiatrist, just to make sure I have a sort of plan in case I start feeling awry or anxy with the move and all. We upped my mood stabilizer a bit and he prescribed one month’s Rivotril (benzo). So I have done my due diligence in terms of the bipolar.

I’m also constantly reminding myself that I’m not the same person that I was 2 years ago. Everyone, psychologist included is confident that I will be fine if I just don’t listen to all the ghost stories flying in and out of my mind at will. I have also been encouraged by scripture and I know that God is with us in this.


So here we go, let’s drink some bubbly to celebrate the adventure ahead! Cheers!






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