Cape townian? Not yet…

Hello everyone, Sorry for being so quiet, I’ve really been struggling with writer’s block. But I’m forcing myseelf today to give you an update on how I’m doing. Hmmm, that is a tricky thing to answer. There are so many aspects to life, it is hard to give me a mark out of ten. But if I’m forced to I’d give life and everything else a seven out of ten.

We have moved to Cape Town and I have started with classes. I’m not supposed to have class, since a Ph.D is a full dissertation but my supervisor has three subjects she would like me to do. I don’t mind, in fact I think they will be really helpful to getting where I need to be. It is just hard to sit in lectures, I haven’t done that in years. To add to that we are doing a lot of group tasks, I don’t group work very well… (Kinda one of the reasons I chose academia)

At home things are going well, Hubs is working very hard, I feel bad for him, but I know I cannot take on his stress, if I do that I will collapse. All I can do is support him, that is what I have control over. I’m starting to get more of a grip on household tasks, struggling with the cooking though. But all in good time.

So how am I doing all things considered? I think I’m doing well. I do feel overwhelmed and uncertain, even a bit nervous, but I think that is normal for someone who moved to a new city and started a new ‘job’. I am monitoring it though. I am sleeping well so that is a good sign and I only cry when I see my psychologist :).

So I guess that is me for now. One final thought: To doubt is human, where you go from there is up to you.




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