Done with dragging my feet

It’s been tough. Life has been a bit much. I haven’t been enjoying my days as one would expect of someone so blessed. But I am still here and this is why; I trust Him. I trust Him with my life. We have a pact, He will take me home if it isn’t necessary for me to be here anymore. Till then it is my responsibility to make the best of the life He keeps on giving me every day.
I haven’t thought about it that way before. He is the vine and I am the branch and there is no life outside of Him and each morning He decides I will let her live today. He lets His life force, His grace, pump into my veins. I shouldn’t waddle out of bed and struggle for the first hour to comprehend why He gave me another day. It would be better to say “Thank You God for giving me another day, how can I bring Your Kingdom to this earth today? Please show me every opportunity I have today to spread the good news, to live out the gospel.”

Try saying this to a depressed person, I can tell you it is difficult to swallow, it feels like a load unbearable. Daily requirements take it out of me already to be honest, showering, eating, getting dressed, never mind make up! How am I supposed to now also seek someone else’s will for the day as well?


sad in shower.jpg
His plan for your day and what you need to do are intertwined, overlap and dance around each other with every step you take.
dance with partner.gif
See it as you would a waltz. Your plans for the day and God’s way dancing with each other. You might struggle to believe this but You dance together as partners, He leads, you follow. You are the one on display in the beautiful dress and it looks like your walking on clouds but it is because of your steady dance partner that you are able to twirl and swing and whatever the pretty ladies do when the are dancing with an infallible strong partner.
waltz 2.gif
To this world and its foolish inhabitants it might look like you are waltzing all on your own, but that is the beauty, they still see you dancing where the are dragging their feet. God puts the spotlight on you, for a world who needs to see there is a rythm, a beat to dance to.
dancing in the light.gif
When I was a little girl I would stand on my dad’s feet and we would dance slowly in the living room and sometimes he would spin me with his strong arms, and that is how You and I start dancing through our day now.
dancing on daddys feet.jpg
We stand on our Heavenly Father’s feet. stretch out our arms to him to hold as He waltzes through the day. At the beginning it will feel like you are going to fall off any second, don’t worry, you are safe in His hands. Listen carefully You will hear Him laugh with joy as He breezes through your day. Spending time with You is all He wants and when you climb onto His feet You are admitting that You need Him to get through an ordinary day. He says we will dance through it. Starting with an awesome shower ofcourse!
shower dance.gif

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