I know, I have been exceptionally quiet. I do apologize. My new life in Cape Town has just kept me so busy, I haven’t had a chance to think, process, journal, nevermind blog! But I decided today is the day I check in with y’all.

I’m doing well, passed my masters degree with a 72% (I know, they really could have just made it 75%) and I am making headway with my Ph.D. My project is evolving by the week, taking shape and starting to talk back. I know nothing about the field that I’m entering, but I’ve been spending every day reading, making summaries, googling (google scholar I must say) and more reading. My Ph.D library on Mendeley is 450 papers strong. To think by the end of this Ph.D I will be an expert in this field (well hopefully, that is what is expected afterall) I’m telling you this partly to explain my absence. But mostly to reassure you that my silence is only because I am working hard every day of the week, every week, with no exception. (is this okay?)

loki looking around

I feel really blessed at the moment, I am part of an excellent team of researchers and my supervisor is one formidable woman. She is extremely busy, running two research groups as well as so many other commitments, but she makes time with me to scope this project, her guidance is of great value. My blessed state of favour is evident at home as well, Husband and I are growing closer and closer, after almost 7 years of marriage I’d easily say we have never been better together than we are now. Cape Town is also treating me well, atleast the bits of it that I see from my window… The season for enjoying a life away from my desk will come, for now it is work work work. I’m okay with that, it is kinda empowering to know I can work hard and get stuff done, my fellow bipolaroids will know exactly what I’m referring to. The sense of purpose I have gained has allowed me to flourish and even take the pressure of deadlines and endless research papers head on. Last year, when I was considering whether I should continue with a Ph.D, I didn’t know whether I would be able to cope with the drastic increase in labour and intellectual engagement. My survival is still an open question since I have yet to complete my Ph.D but at the moment I can say I have proven myself wrong, The greatness of the task has turned out to be the spark that ignited a thriving flame in me instead of burning me to a crisp (now I’m imagining a crispy me, eek!)

I will be travelling to the UK for 6 weeks, I’ll be working while I’m there but the weekends are reserved for exploring. Dublin, Edinburgh and London will see my chubby cheeks soon enough! Dreading the 11h flight a bit, with the missing coccyx and all. But hey, it is my first time out of the country, the excitement far outweighs the fears.


In all of this I see my God, my Saviour, my Jesus. This blog has turned out to be a bit lengthy, thank you for reading it, I had to catch you up on all that has happened. I promise to blog from the lovely Great Brittan (if I have wifi…)

Much love


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