Romance Novel turned Horror Movie turned Love Story

Prepare to be shocked, made uncomfortable and then encouraged…

This post is about a whore. Totally not relevant to you ofcourse (in fact you will never stoop so low as to earn that title) I do pray, read on, if not for the sake of learning about yourself than for the sake of romance and if you aren’t into romance, for the sake of horror.

The lady of the night I’m referring to is Hosea’s wife, Gomer. Hosea was a good man, so very obedient, even up to the point of going ahead and taking Gomer, a prostitute, as his wife because he was told to do so by God. He knew this wouldn’t be a dream marriage, he knew she would break his heart and disappoint him. Still, he followed through with it.  Unfortunately, Gomer did not only live up to her reputation by cheating on Hosea multiple times, she ended up in the hands of slave traders, Hosea bought her from them, he took her home again.

I have often stood in conversations with fellow believers where they talk about how horrible they were and how they sinned before they received salvation. Rarely do I hear them talk about their sins in the here and now. None of them eager to expose their unfaithfulness toward God, in front of others, not even themselves. It is to them that I dedicate this post, the story of a tumultuous relationship. A romance novel turned horror movie. An allegory about a love so wrangled up in failure met by a Love so pure, true, faithful and unceasing.

I have failed my Beloved, Maybe even more since the day I committed myself to Him than before He put a ring on my finger. I am Gomer. I am a Christian, a pew-warmer, a Bible-reading, Jesus-preaching Gomer. I am unfaithful to God, I try to love Him in purity, but I fail.

Hosea laid down his pride, he gave up his right to toss Gomer out, he went to the marketplace and bought his wife back. Jesus left the glory of heaven and worship of the angels, He did not smite us with the wrath we deserved, He did what no man could have imagined, but Hosea had foreshadowed, He bought us back.

Jesus frees us from the shackles of slavery and pulls us closer with chords of love. On the day we commit ourselves to Him, and on the next day and later that day again. Every time we end up in the market square, He buys us back.

Take heart my fellow Christian. Know that you will fall into sin, repent of it as soon as you recognise it. Do not end there. Run to your Husband, the One who chose to marry you knowing full well it would be a tumultuous relationship, a relationship marred with unfaithfulness. Yet, a relationship, so chosen by God, to show to the world a Love, a commitment that will remain unsullied. A vow made, not till death do us part, but till death us unite.




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