From screen to paper and paper to screen

So in my previous post; I know I’m not making sense, but I’m trying to be honest I ranted about how I am really struggling to remember things, not just what I read, but also my life experiences. I was really upset when I wrote that post. It felt to me like I was going in circles around Mt. Sinai because the effectual change brought about by revelation was wearing off as the new knowledge ebbed out of my ears. I used to journal with pen and paper but after my journal containing eight months of my life recorded in detail, was stolen I switched to electronic journaling. I slowly started writing less and less… Then earlier this year my Kindle was stolen as well when I was mugged. Forcing a turn from screen-reading to paper books. At first I accepted this change, but eventually, I started reading less and less as frustration filled me as I realized that as much as a specific paragraph is making an impression on me, I won’t be able to remember it and I don’t have a way of “saving” it somewhere.

So after reading my blog post, hubby asked me to consider journaling on paper again, since the blog post actually was a copy of something I just started writing in my Ph.D. notebook. So off I went, got myself a Lamy fountain pen and I started writing… I haven’t stopped since. I’ve already filled fourty pages. It is so cathartic to write, and my thoughts find expression and get the attention they deserve as I write, something that just didn’t happen when I did e-journaling. I find myself using creative metaphors and comparisons, my creative side has been brought out of its tomb as well.

Which brings me to my latest decision: I want to learn calligraphy. I used to doodle all over the pages of my school books and I developed my own style of graffiti. I think it is a good choice of a hobby because one can practice it with just a pen and paper in hand, no easel, multiple paint brushes and some more necessary. It doesn’t require intellectual engagement, giving my wearied brain some much needed time off.

I have a bit more hope now.


3 thoughts on “From screen to paper and paper to screen

  1. errollmulder says:

    I too find writing cathartic and fulfilling. The spin-off can also bless others and enhance God’s beautiful saving purpose in this world. Blessings to you and your husband.

  2. mariebxmastree says:

    I hope you enjoy your calligraphy journey, and am glad you have found a way to enjoy writing again. I’m learning Calligraphy too so I will follow to see what hints and tips you share. I will be sharing my crafty makes on my blog too. Happy crafting

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