I know I’m not making sense, but I’m trying to be honest

I have been sitting in front of my laptop day in day out for weeks now, with very little to show for it except a bunch of random google searches which include "why would Ritalin stop working".


Romance Novel turned Horror Movie turned Love Story

I have failed my Beloved, Maybe even more since the day I committed myself to Him than before He put a ring on my finger. I am Gomer. I am a Christian, a pew-warmer, a Bible-reading, Jesus-preaching Gomer. I am unfaithful to God, I try to love Him in purity, but I fail.

Perfect, though imperfect.

I have been challenged by my dearest God to abandon my addiction to perfectionism. First of all let us make this clear; there is a difference between the pleasant Spirit motivated effort to become who Christ made you to be and the dreadful, life-draining pursuit of having everything perfect in your life, including yourself. The latter, hereon … Continue reading Perfect, though imperfect.