Lift up your head

I've done a lot of things in the past few weeks, which when inspected, would clearly point to a mixed state episode. Spoke to my psychologist about it. His advice was something along the lines of "what is done is done, don't look back, lift up your head and look forward" What did he mean … Continue reading Lift up your head


Phoenix on a mission

Middle 2014 we had to move to Cape Town for 5 months. I was so alone, depressed and super restless. (mixed state, looking back) I had wandered off, far away from God. I was on venlafaxine at the time and when I got suicidal I went to a local psychiatrist who told me to start … Continue reading Phoenix on a mission

How to do more than just get through the day

Change your attitude When somebody slaps you and you get angry, it is not the person who made you angry, they only slapped you; you decided to give in to the emotion of anger. At first it is very hard to intercept our emotions and dictate them instead of them dictating us but as time … Continue reading How to do more than just get through the day